Natural Products

We work hard to bring quality management closer to the source of supply by assisting in the training of collectors to work with standard and high quality in order to increase competitiveness and reputation of our company's internal market and internationally.

Wild Crafted

These include such common herbs as sage, savory, raspberry and blackberry leaf, bilberry, nettle, rosehips, chamomile, thyme, oregano, bearberry leaf, yarrow, primula flores, lavender, juniper berries, wild apple, elder flowers, hawthorn leaf & flowers, linden flowers...

Why Faberti?

Faberti Group is located and operates in the port-city of Durres, Albania. We are specialized in export of wide range medicinal herbs, spices and essential oil, all wild harvested and handpicked direct from sources, in the and rich natural diversity of Albania.

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Our Core Values

We know that TRUST is the most important factor in mutual relationships and we build our good reputation by being a highly trusted partner. We give great importance to reaching and maintaining HIGH QUALITY in our products, and develop ourselves with continuously rising quality standards.

We perform fast and efficient COMMUNICATION with our suppliers and clients. We act on the knowledge that it is more important to build and keep LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS than finalizing one single deal, and therefore have long term business relationships with all our clients. ... Our objective is to provide high quality products with competitive prices and supply in time for our customers.

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Products portfolio

Our organic herbs and spices products catalog in PDF format